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Benefit Guidelines

Benefit Guidelines

Last Updated: 20th March 2024

Enforcement of Guidelines

The Trust and Safety team at TheFinAdvisor acknowledges that the majority of creators aspire to produce and share engaging content with their audience. Nonetheless, there are certain restrictions on the benefits that can be offered to ensure compliance with our platform’s standards. In determining what constitutes a permissible benefit, the Trust and Safety team undertakes a detailed and context-specific analysis to evaluate what community members receive in exchange for their contributions and the inherent value of these exchanges.

Furthermore, it is imperative to prevent the circumvention of our guidelines. This includes the distribution of prohibited benefits outside TheFinAdvisor’s platform that are not disclosed within TheFinAdvisor’s ecosystem. Consequently, the Trust and Safety team conducts comprehensive reviews encompassing a creator’s full online presence to assess compliance with our benefit tiers and overall platform guidelines.

Prohibited Content and Benefits Policy

Given the varying legal standards across different jurisdictions, TheFinAdvisor has formulated policies that are applicable globally, rather than being limited to specific local laws. This approach ensures our global compliance and operational integrity. The following types of content and benefits are categorically prohibited across TheFinAdvisor:

  • Depictions of child abuse and sexual depiction of minors;
  • Depictions of human or animal abuse;
  • Provision of access to betting or gambling products or services.

In instances where such prohibited content is identified, TheFinAdvisor reserves the right to report the involved account and collaborate with law enforcement authorities to trace the origin of such violations.

Additionally, for guidelines concerning benefits that may violate intellectual property rights, we advise reviewing our dedicated section on Copyright and Trademark policies.

Policy on Drugs, Medication, and Supplements


While TheFinAdvisor acknowledges and supports the sharing of personal narratives and experiences, particularly those involving overcoming adversity and health challenges, it is imperative that such exchanges do not promote harmful or dangerous behaviors.

Prohibited Offerings:

Therefore, the following items are strictly prohibited from being offered as benefits by creators on TheFinAdvisor:

  • Any form of drugs or drug paraphernalia.
  • Partial payments or incentives for drugs, medication, or supplements, which may include coupons, gift cards, or other forms of incentives.
  • Medication, food supplements, or products claimed to induce weight loss, energy boosts, or serve as ‘miracle cures’ without scientific validation.
  • Books or educational materials purporting to offer cures for diseases or medical conditions without recognized medical backing.

Alternative Medicine Content

TheFinAdvisor permits the discussion and engagement with alternative medicine topics, provided that such content does not endanger individuals or advocate for unverified health practices. Content must distinguish between legitimate medical research, such as studies on ‚Äúthe use of CBD oil against dementia,‚ÄĚ and unfounded medical claims, such as ‚Äúcuring cancer solely with Yoga.‚ÄĚ The Trust and Safety team actively evaluates content to ensure compliance with these guidelines, maintaining a critical distinction to safeguard community well-being.

Policy on Weapons, Explosives, Alcohol, and Smoking

Weapons and Explosives

TheFinAdvisor permits content related to firearms and other weapons, recognizing the diverse interests of our global community. However, as a global entity, we impose restrictions to ensure safety and legal compliance across different jurisdictions. Accordingly, the following are strictly prohibited from being offered as benefits on TheFinAdvisor:

  • The provision of lethal weapons.
  • The provision of fireworks or other explosives.
  • Benefits that include partial payments, discounts, coupons, gift cards, or any incentives towards the purchase or acquisition of firearms or explosives.
  • Tutorials, instructions, or demonstrations related to the crafting or modification of weapons, including but not limited to 3D printed designs and DIY firearm manufacturing.

Alcohol and Smoking:

TheFinAdvisor welcomes creators who wish to produce content related to the enjoyment, review, and history of alcohol and smoking products. However, to align with legal standards and promote a safe environment for all users, the following are not permissible as benefits:

  • Alcohol and substances associated with smoking, including tobacco, cigars, vapes, e-cigarettes, rolling papers, and cigarettes.
  • Promotions, coupons, or any incentives designed to encourage the purchase or acquisition of alcohol or smoking products.
  • Kits or components intended for the brewing or manufacturing of alcoholic beverages.

Creators and community members are required to adhere strictly to these policies to maintain a secure and lawful environment on TheFinAdvisor.

Policy on Finance and Cryptocurrency

TheFinAdvisor platform is not structured to assist in the initiation of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or the formulation of investment schemes. Accordingly, while creators are permitted to distribute content that includes personal investment narratives and guidance, the following offerings are strictly prohibited:

  • Distribution of coins intended for the direct financial gain of the creator or community members.
  • Distribution of coins as an element of an investment scheme.
  • Provision of partial payments, such as coupons, gift cards, or any form of explicit incentive for the purchase or acquisition of cryptocurrency.
  • Organization of benefits intended to perpetrate fraud, including pyramid schemes or Ponzi schemes.
  • Offering benefits that guarantee financial returns to community members contingent upon adherence to provided advice, for example, claims such as ‚Äúinvest $50 monthly to receive a tenfold return based on my guidance.‚ÄĚ

Creators are allowed to include digital tokens within membership tiers provided that these tokens are used solely to grant access to exclusive creator-specific benefits. Further details concerning the use of creator coins and tokens can be found in the respective Help Centre article.

Regulatory Compliance:

It is imperative that any financial advice disseminated through TheFinAdvisor complies with the consumer protection regulations applicable in the creator’s jurisdiction. TheFinAdvisor unequivocally refrains from hosting financial advice content that contravenes such laws.

Policy on Nudity, Sex Work and Sexual Services

TheFinAdvisor maintains a strict policy prohibiting nudity, pornography, and sexual services across its platform. This applies equally to both creators and community members. While we acknowledge the artistic and expressive endeavours of creators, which may at times challenge societal norms, we must delineate clear boundaries consistent with our Community Guidelines.

Accordingly, the following are expressly forbidden from being offered as benefits through TheFinAdvisor:

  • Utilization of TheFinAdvisor to facilitate access to pornographic materials, including but not limited to providing links to websites or shared private access to materials depicting real individuals engaging in explicit sexual activities such as masturbation or intercourse.
  • Offering any items or services that are sexually gratifying or of an intimate nature.
  • Employment of TheFinAdvisor‚Äôs payment mechanisms for the facilitation or promotion of escort services.

Furthermore, creators are prohibited from offering benefits tailored exclusively for an individual community member, such as personalized video or audio files. However, engaging community members through polls or collaborative activities is permitted, provided these interactions contribute to a broader community experience and adhere to our established guidelines.

Policy on Health, Hygiene, and Consumables

TheFinAdvisor permits the creation and sharing of content related to culinary arts, do-it-yourself projects, and health discussions. However, in alignment with our commitment to safety and well-being, creators are strictly prohibited from offering any ingredients or products intended for ingestion as benefits.

Conversely, creators are permitted to offer non-ingestible, topical items such as lotions or perfumes as benefits to their community members, provided these items comply with our platform’s safety standards and guidelines.

Policy on Multi-Level Marketing and Direct Selling

TheFinAdvisor expressly prohibits the use of its platform for the initiation, operation, or promotion of direct sales businesses or Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) schemes. The fundamental purpose of TheFinAdvisor is to serve as a conduit for creative expression and community building, not as a vehicle for direct sales or MLM activities.

Accordingly, products that are manufactured, marketed, or sold through direct sales or MLM companies are strictly prohibited from being offered as benefits within the TheFinAdvisor platform. This policy ensures that TheFinAdvisor remains a dedicated space for creative and artistic endeavors, distinct from commercial direct selling practices.

Policy on Raffles and Giveaways

While the excitement and potential rewards of raffles and giveaways are universally acknowledged, TheFinAdvisor maintains specific policies regarding their implementation. It is strictly prohibited to solicit payments for participation in raffles, giveaways, lotteries, or similar activities as a component of the benefits offered to community members. Essentially, community members must not be required to make a payment as a condition for entry into a chance-based event.

This prohibition extends to all forms of chance-based incentives, including but not limited to lotteries, raffles, and mystery boxes, particularly when the value of these items is not predetermined or guaranteed. Creators wishing to conduct any type of giveaway must ensure that these events are open to their broader fan base, not limited exclusively to paying community members, and are in full compliance with relevant legal statutes.

For additional details on conducting lawful giveaways and ensuring compliance with our platform’s guidelines, creators are encouraged to consult the pertinent section.

Policy on Copyright & Trademark in Merchandise

Ownership and Use of Content

Content created by you remains under your ownership. TheFinAdvisor commits not to utilize such content for advertising or promotional purposes without obtaining your explicit consent. All content submitted to TheFinAdvisor is subject to evaluation, and TheFinAdvisor reserves the comprehensive right to decline the processing of any content at any juncture and for any reason deemed necessary.

Creator Responsibility

As a creator, it is incumbent upon you to adhere to the guidelines set forth by TheFinAdvisor. By submitting your content to TheFinAdvisor, you affirm that it aligns with TheFinAdvisor’s established guidelines as well as the Terms of Use governing the platform.

Prohibited Merchandise Content

TheFinAdvisor strictly prohibits the offering of merchandise that engages in harassment or poses a threat to the safety and well-being of individuals or groups. This encompasses any content that could incite violence, promote harmful activities, or encourage behaviours such as stalking. Creators are expected to ensure that their merchandise is free from such harmful content.

For further clarification and detailed guidance on this policy, creators are encouraged to consult the relevant support article available within TheFinAdvisor’s resources.

Additional Provisions and Considerations

Please be advised that the foregoing list of guidelines and restrictions is not comprehensive and remains subject to modifications in response to evolving technological landscapes and societal changes. Should you harbour any uncertainties regarding the appropriateness of your projects within TheFinAdvisor‚Äôs framework, you are encouraged to consult with the Trust and Safety team through [email protected]. Our team is dedicated to assisting and providing clarity.

This policy constitutes an integral component of TheFinAdvisor’s Terms of Use and Community Guidelines. Compliance with these provisions is mandatory for all users and creators engaged with TheFinAdvisor’s platform.