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Permanently Deleting Your User Account

Permanently Deleting Your User Account

Last Updated: 14th June 2024

What Does It Mean to Permanently Delete Your User Account?

Permanently deleting your user account means that all of your data, including personal information, activity history, and any associated content, will be completely and irreversibly removed from our system. Once this process is completed, you will no longer be able to recover any of your data, and your account will be permanently closed. This action is final and cannot be undone.

Steps to Delete Your Data:

  • Log In: Open the mobile app and log in using your account credentials (username and password).
  • Fill the Deletion Form (available here)
  • Select the Option to Delete your Account
  • Data Deletion Process (30 Days)
    • After submitting the form, the deletion process will begin.
    • It will take up to 30 days to permanently delete all your data from our system. This period allows us to ensure that all associated information is thoroughly and securely removed.
  • Email Notification: Once your account and all related data have been permanently deleted, you will receive a notification email confirming that the deletion process is complete.
 If you need further assistance or have any questions regarding the deletion process, please feel free to contact our support team: P[email protected] .