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Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Last Updated: 20th March 2024

TheFinAdvisorā€™s Creator Policy Framework

The Policy Team at TheFinAdvisor is dedicated to enabling creators to freely share their work while fostering a culture of transparency and open dialogue regarding policy development. This commitment ensures that our guidelines remain current, inclusive, and prioritized for creator needs.

The unique approach of our Creator Policy involves active engagement with creators on forthcoming policy updates. This includes soliciting direct feedback before finalization, thereby upholding a creator-centric perspective. To facilitate this dialogue, our Policy Team conducts regular policy livestreams, hosts creator office hours, engages in small group discussions, and maintains open email communication.

This collaborative process allows for the incorporation of community feedback into the final policy decisions. Creators and enthusiasts wishing to engage with or inquire about our policies are encouraged to reach out to the Policy Team directly at [email protected].

Policy on Dangerous Organizations

TheFinAdvisor is committed to fostering a safe and creative environment, distinctly separated from any form of violence or harm. As such, TheFinAdvisor unequivocally prohibits the representation, support, or glorification of terrorism, violent extremism, and dangerous organizations on its platform.

Prohibited Affiliations and Content

Content associated with the following entities will be subject to immediate removal from TheFinAdvisor.

Terrorist or Terrorist Organizations

Entities or individuals engaged in, advocating for, or supporting acts of violence against civilians to achieve political, religious, or ideological objectives.

Organized Hate Groups

Entities known for organizing based on ideologies that promote hate or discrimination, including but not limited to, groups advocating against LGBTQ rights, anti-Muslim sentiments, anti-Semitism, fascism, male supremacy, white nationalism, or white supremacy.

Criminal Organizations

Groups or individuals involved in illicit activities or criminal enterprises, including but not limited to violent crimes (such as torture and homicide), kidnapping, trafficking (including human, drug, and firearms trafficking), and financial crimes (such as money laundering, extortion, scams, and fraud).

Groups Actively Involved in Armed Conflict

Militias or groups engaged in ongoing conflict, military training, or the acquisition of military-grade equipment; individuals responsible for acts of mass violence.

Content Exceptions

Content that references dangerous organizations or individuals in a neutral or critical context, such as journalistic, historical, or educational material, may be allowed.

Reporting Violations:

Members of the TheFinAdvisor community who encounter content that violates our Dangerous Organizations policy are encouraged to report these incidents to ensure the continued safety and integrity of our platform at [email protected].

Policy on Harassment


TheFinAdvisor is committed to providing a platform that empowers creators and fans to express themselves, albeit within the bounds of respect for othersā€™ safety and privacy. Harassment, in any form, is detrimental to individuals both physically and mentally, and is strictly prohibited on our platform.


We do not tolerate behavior, language, or creative works that constitute bullying. This includes, but is not limited to, threats of violence, mockery based on sexual history or survivor status, distribution of degrading imagery, and derogatory manipulated images. While TheFinAdvisor allows for critical discourse, particularly on public interest topics and figures, content that compromises a public figure’s physical safety or breaches other platform policies, such as hate speech or sexual exploitation, is unacceptable.


TheFinAdvisor expressly forbids the practice of dogpiling, where multiple individuals collectively harass someone online, leading to intimidation or humiliation.


Disclosing someoneā€™s personal information without their consent, known as doxxing, is strictly prohibited. This violation has serious repercussions, including stalking, distress, physical harm, employment loss, and identity theft. Exceptions include self-disclosure, sharing with explicit consent, and information from legitimately public sources (e.g., court records, public statements).

Non-consensual Intimate Imagery

TheFinAdvisor maintains a zero-tolerance stance on non-consensual intimate imagery. However, content such as survival narratives, educational materials, and advocacy efforts is allowed. Victims should contact local law enforcement in addition to reporting to TheFinAdvisor at [email protected].


We categorically prohibit swattingā€”the act of falsely reporting critical incidents to emergency services or law enforcement. This extends to endorsements or promotions of swatting. Exceptions are granted for accounts from individuals targeted by such actions.

Threats and Incitement of Violence:

TheFinAdvisor takes threats and incitements of violence or physical harm extremely seriously. Any communications indicating plans for violent acts, soliciting violent actions, or threatening individualsā€™ safety will result in immediate removal from the platform. Exceptions apply to clearly non-literal, figurative, or humorous threats.

Reporting Violations:

If you encounter any breaches of TheFinAdvisorā€™s Harassment policies, we urge you to report them at [email protected] to ensure the continued safety and integrity of our community.

Policy on Harmful Acts

Objective and Commitment

The safety, well-being, and health of TheFinAdvisorā€™s community members remain our highest priority. As such, TheFinAdvisor stringently prohibits content that promotes, glorifies, or provides instructional guidance on dangerous or self-destructive behaviors. This encompasses activities that could jeopardize the physical, mental, or emotional well-being of individuals on the platform.

Permissible Content

Notwithstanding, TheFinAdvisor recognizes the importance of raising public awareness and allows individuals to share their personal experiences with sensitive topics in a responsible and safe manner. Additionally, content related to aesthetic or medical body modifications, which do not advocate self-harm or self-injury (such as piercings, tattoos, gender-affirming surgeries, and plastic surgery), is permitted.

TheFinAdvisor engages with academic and professional experts to refine our policies, enforcement, and support resources concerning these critical issues. If you or someone you know is in distress, we urge you to contact local emergency services or a support hotline.

Specific Prohibitions and Guidelines

Dangerous Acts and Challenges

The endorsement or instruction of acts or challenges that could result in severe injury or death is strictly forbidden. Creators depicting hazardous stunts must include a clear disclaimer against replication. Educational or narrative content regarding dangerous acts is allowed, provided it supports community safety or educational objectives.

Disordered Eating

Content that promotes or glorifies disordered eating practices, including extreme diets or behaviors associated with feederism, is prohibited. However, content aimed at community support, education, or that forms part of a larger narrative promoting health and body positivity, is allowed under our guidelines.

Suicide, Self-Harm, and Self-Injury

TheFinAdvisor prohibits content that promotes, normalizes, or glorifies acts of suicide, self-harm, or self-injury. This includes imagery, text, or audio that depicts these acts or their aftermath. Content that provides community support, education, or forms part of a larger, responsibly contextualized narrative is permitted.

Reporting Violations

Should you encounter content that breaches TheFinAdvisorā€™s policy on harmful acts, including those relating to teen safety, we encourage you to report it immediately at [email protected] to ensure the platform remains a safe environment for all users.

Policy on Hate Speech

Principle of Inclusion

TheFinAdvisor is committed to fostering an environment conducive to creativity, connection, and self-expression, underpinned by mutual respect for individual differences. While we encourage the exchange of diverse opinions and active discourse, we strictly prohibit any form of hate speech on our platform.

Definition of Hate Speech

Hate speech is identified as any severe attack on individuals or groups based on inherent characteristics including, but not limited to, caste, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, immigration status, national origin, race, religion, serious medical condition, sex, or sexual orientation. Such attacks may encompass, without limitation, the use of dehumanizing language, harmful slurs or stereotypes, and advocacies for violence, exclusion, or segregation.

Assessment Criteria

In evaluating potential violations of our hate speech policy, the following considerations may be taken into account:

  • Was there a call for violence against individuals based on the aforementioned characteristics?
  • Was dehumanizing language employed to describe individuals based on the aforementioned characteristics?
  • Were racial slurs or harmful stereotypes used against individuals based on the aforementioned characteristics?
  • Was there mockery or denial of the experiences of victims of hate crimes or historical atrocities, such as the Holocaust?
  • Is the content in question part of legitimate political commentary, such as discussions on immigration policy, or does it unjustly target individuals based on their immigration status?
  • Is there legitimate criticism of a state, institution, or belief system, or are there hidden agendas aimed at attacking individuals based on one or more of the specified characteristics?

Reporting Mechanisms

Should you encounter any content that contravenes TheFinAdvisorā€™s Hate Speech guidelines, it is imperative that you report it at [email protected] to ensure that our platform remains a safe and inclusive space for all users.

Policy on Illegal and Regulated Activities

General Prohibition

TheFinAdvisor mandates that all activities and goods promoted or funded through the platform must adhere to legal standards. The platform is categorically not designed to support or facilitate illegal or regulated undertakings.

Specific Prohibitions

Criminal Activity

Any form of engagement in criminal activities, including but not limited to violent crimes, hate crimes, property crimes, or associations with criminal organizations, is strictly prohibited on TheFinAdvisor.

Cryptocurrency and Non-certified Financial Advisory

TheFinAdvisor does not support Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), investment schemes, or financial benefits related to cryptocurrency. Financial advisory services by non-certified Personal financial advisors overstepping personal finance management boundaries are also prohibited. Creators must ensure compliance with local financial laws.

Company Equity and MLM

Offering company equity or engaging in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) schemes through TheFinAdvisor is forbidden.

Consumables and Health

The sale or offering of alcohol, smoking substances, ingestible items, or drug paraphernalia as benefits is strictly prohibited. However, instructional content on these topics is permitted, provided it adheres to safety and legal standards.


The promotion, sale, or display of illicit drug use is banned, except for educational, medical, or journalistic contexts. Advocacy for drug legalization must not promote acquisition or irresponsible use.

Gambling and Raffles

Utilizing TheFinAdvisor for gambling services or exchanging monetary value as entry is not allowed. Raffles must be open to both TheFinAdvisor and non-TheFinAdvisor audiences and comply with all legal regulations.

Military and Political Funding

Direct funding for military procurement or political campaigns through TheFinAdvisor is prohibited. However, fundraising for non-partisan causes and support for those affected by conflict is allowed.


The sale, distribution, or raffling of bladed, edged weapons, firearms, explosives, or related instructional content is not permitted. Content related to weapons that is educational, historical, or fictional without promoting violence is acceptable.

Reporting Mechanisms

If you identify any violations of TheFinAdvisorā€™s Illegal & Regulated Activities guidelines, we urge you to report at [email protected] the incident to maintain the platformā€™s integrity and legal compliance.

Policy on Inauthentic Behavior

Introduction to Authenticity

TheFinAdvisor is committed to fostering a culture of authenticity, enabling creators and fans to engage genuinely while supporting original content. Authentic interactions form the foundation for a robust community and creative ecosystem.

Prohibitions on Inauthentic Behavior


TheFinAdvisor strictly prohibits individuals from falsifying their identity, employing fake accounts, or partaking in activities that contravene our platformā€™s policies.

Authentic Content

Creators must refrain from offering content that promotes inauthentic activities, including but not limited to illegal acts (e.g., theft, hacking, piracy), use of services that artificially inflate engagement metrics, or dissemination of piracy tools. Creators banned from TheFinAdvisor must not bypass the appeals process by initiating a new campaign.


Content that includes manipulated media, known as deepfakes, that intimidates, bullies, or misrepresents individuals is prohibited. However, deepfakes used for satire, parody, or political commentary may be allowed, provided they comply with our guidelines on authenticity and do not infringe upon individual rights.


Creating pages that falsely represent another individual or entity’s identity or brand is forbidden. Parody, spoof, or fan pages must clearly disclose their nature to avoid deception.

Intellectual Property

Violating the intellectual property rights of others is not permitted on TheFinAdvisor. Creators must respect copyright and trademark laws.


Sending spam or distributing unsolicited promotional materials is against TheFinAdvisorā€™s policies.

Reporting Inauthentic Behavior

If you encounter any instances of inauthentic behavior, impersonation, misuse of intellectual property, or other violations of TheFinAdvisorā€™s guidelines on inauthentic activities, please report them to ensure the integrity and authenticity of our community. Reports can be submitted to [email protected].

Policy on Nudity, Sex Work, and Sexual Services

Policy Overview

TheFinAdvisor enforces a stringent prohibition against the display, promotion, and facilitation of nudity, pornography, and sexual services on its platform, applicable to both creators and community members. While recognizing the value of artistic and expressive content, TheFinAdvisor necessitates clear boundary settings in alignment with our Community Guidelines to maintain a respectful and safe environment.

Prohibited Content and Activities

Pornographic Materials

Using TheFinAdvisor to provide access to, or facilitate the distribution of, pornographic content depicting real individuals engaged in explicit sexual acts, including but not limited to, masturbation or sexual intercourse, is strictly forbidden.

Sexually Gratifying Items or Services

Offering items or services that are intended for sexual gratification or are of an intimate nature is not allowed.

Escort Services

Leveraging TheFinAdvisorā€™s payment systems to support or promote escort services is prohibited.

Personalized Content

Creators are barred from offering personalized content intended for an individual community member that may breach the stipulated sexual content guidelines. However, communal engagement through polls or activities that contribute positively to the broader community and comply with our guidelines is permitted.

Exceptions and Clarifications

Human nudity not encompassing the prohibited criteria remains restricted.

Non-visual depictions (e.g., textual, audio) of sexual activities, and content depicting intimate activities not amounting to sexual acts, are under strict scrutiny.

Nudity presented within medical, educational, or healthcare contexts, such as childbirth or surgical procedures, is permissible if intended for educational purposes.

Content discussing sex tourism must remain educational or journalistic and should not glorify the subject matter.

On Sexual Violence

TheFinAdvisor adopts a zero-tolerance policy towards content that glorifies non-consensual sexual acts. However, personal narratives or survival stories regarding sexual violence are permitted under the condition they aim to educate or support and do not glorify the violence.

On Sexualised Minor Age Play

Content depicting or advocating for this is strictly prohibited.

Reporting Mechanisms

Should you identify content that infringes upon TheFinAdvisorā€™s policies on Nudity, Sex Work, and Sexual Services, you are urged to report these violations immediately to maintain the integrity and safety of our platform. Reports can be directed to [email protected].

Policy on Teen Safety

Commitment to Safety

TheFinAdvisor dedicates itself to maintaining a secure environment for teenage users, actively working to prevent any content or conduct that may endanger young individuals.

Age Restrictions

General Access

TheFinAdvisor platform is not intended for children. Individuals under the age of 13 are prohibited from using TheFinAdvisor.

Consent and Age Verification

Users must possess the legal capacity to consent to data processing within their jurisdiction. In some regions, parental or guardian consent may substitute for users below the legal consent age. To create a creator page or engage in transactions on TheFinAdvisor, users must be 18 years old or have explicit consent from a parent or legal guardian.

Zero Tolerance Policy

TheFinAdvisor enforces a strict ban against Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) and the depiction of sexualized minors, irrespective of the medium (including but not limited to hand-drawn, animated, textual, photorealistic, or digital content). Activities like grooming or solicitation targeting minors are strictly forbidden and will result in immediate removal from the platform and reporting to law enforcement.

Prohibition Against Misrepresentation

Adult creators misrepresenting themselves as minors or producing content that features sexualized portrayals of themselves or others as minors are strictly prohibited.

Supportive Tools and Resources:

Teen creators encountering inappropriate, harmful, or unsafe behavior have access to TheFinAdvisorā€™s blocking and reporting functionalities. Furthermore, TheFinAdvisor collaborates with leading child protection entities, such as The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), Thorn, and the Tech Coalition, to reinforce our protective measures.

Reporting Mechanisms

Should you detect any breach of TheFinAdvisorā€™s Teen Safety guidelines, we urge you to report it immediately. Our collective vigilance is vital in sustaining a safe and positive environment for all users, particularly teens.

Policy on Violent and Graphic Content

Introduction to Content Standards

TheFinAdvisor is committed to providing a safe and respectful environment, free from unnecessarily disturbing or graphic content. We uphold a firm stance against the gratuitous display of violence and suffering.

Content Restrictions

Prohibition of Glorified Violence

TheFinAdvisor strictly prohibits the depiction, promotion, or celebration of violent acts or individuals, including but not limited to, content that praises, revels in, or encourages violent actions or the actors involved.

Human Abuse

Content that glorifies or sensationalizes physical, emotional, psychological, or sexual harm inflicted on individuals or groups is forbidden. This includes any form of graphic suffering, pain, or death.

Animal Abuse

Content glorifying harm inflicted on animals, including neglect, mistreatment, cruelty, or depicting animal slaughter not adhering to lawful or traditional practices, is strictly prohibited.

Permissible Content

Fictional Representation

Content portraying fictional or dramatized violence must not glorify such acts and should provide necessary context or disclaimers indicating the non-reality of the content.

Educational and Documentary Content

True Crime storytelling, historical research, or documentaries that do not glorify violence but aim to inform or educate are allowed.

Animated or Simulated Violence

Content depicting violence in non-photorealistic animations, video games, or graphic novels is permitted provided it does not glorify actual violence.

Survivor Testimonials

Narratives from survivors or victims that aim to educate or raise awareness without glorifying violence are permitted.

Medical, Educational, or Scientific Context

Depictions related to medical procedures, educational content, or scientific research are allowed when they serve a legitimate purpose.

Documentary or Journalistic Awareness

Content aimed at raising awareness about human rights abuses, conflicts, or other significant issues within a documentary or journalistic context is permissible.

Body Art

Imagery related to body modifications, such as tattoos or piercings, is permitted.

Reporting Guidelines

If you encounter content that breaches TheFinAdvisorā€™s policy on Violent and Graphic Works, we urge you to report it immediately at [email protected]

to ensure our community remains a secure and respectful space for all users.