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Cookies Policy

Cookies Policy

Last Updated: 20th March 2024


TheFinAdvisor employs cookies and similar technologies to enhance the delivery of our products and services. Essential cookies are required for the operational functionality of our websites, whereas non-essential cookies facilitate additional features and functionalities, contributing to an improved product experience and assisting in the operational efficiency of TheFinAdvisor’s offerings. Should you opt to block or eliminate cookies, be advised that certain functionalities of our websites may be compromised.

Types of Cookies:

Essential Cookies

These cookies and analogous technologies are imperative for the proper functioning of our websites. They facilitate authentication, secure transaction completion, fraud prevention, and uphold the security, safety, and integrity of TheFinAdvisorā€™s services.

Functional Cookies

Employed for the operational functionality of non-critical features on our websites, these cookies remember your language preferences and other selected settings to enhance your browsing experience.

Analytics Cookies

Utilized to understand and improve the usage and performance of our websites, these cookies assist in gauging user behavior and identifying usage patterns.

Marketing Cookies

These are deployed to promote TheFinAdvisorā€™s services effectively, targeting both current and prospective creators and members. They measure the efficacy of advertising campaigns and help in personalizing advertising tailored to you or audiences with similar profiles, contingent on your marketing preferences.

ā€œDo-Not-Trackā€ Signals

Please note that web browsers may be configured to emit ā€œDo Not Trackā€ signals to visited websites. TheFinAdvisor acknowledges the lack of a standardized interpretation for these signals and therefore does not act in response to ā€œDo Not Trackā€ signals.

Managing Cookies

Your cookie preferences for can be viewed and modified by selecting the ā€œEdit Cookie Preferencesā€. Additionally, your browser settings may permit you to refuse cookies, remove cookies, or be alerted when a cookie is being placed on your device. For more detailed instructions, please consult the documentation for your web browser.