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Privacy Policy V1

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Last Updated: 28th June 2024

Welcome to TheFinAdvisor!

TheFinAdvisor serves as a digital platform designed to facilitate connections between enthusiasts (“Followers”) and content creators (“creators”). The terms “TheFinAdvisor,” “we,” “us,” and “our” within this document are references to TheFinAdvisor., encompassing the entirety of its platform and the range of services provided, which include but are not limited to the TheFinAdvisor web applications, TheFinAdvisor APIs, TheFinAdvisor embed functionalities, the website located at, and any other websites operated by TheFinAdvisor.

This Privacy Policy constitutes a section of our Terms of Use and aims to delineate the methodologies surrounding our collection, utilization, and dissemination of information.

Information You Provide TheFinAdvisor

The personal information that you furnish to TheFinAdvisor via various text fields includes, but is not limited to, your name, payment details, and offered benefits. The specific type of information required from you varies based on your interactions within our platform, such as account creation, Community Member enrollment, subscription purchases, engagements with creators, or if you elect to become a creator yourself. Typically, the information we mandate includes:

  • first and last name/surname;
  • email address;
  • phone number;
  • username;
  • password; and/or
  • county and state/province of residence.

Additionally, you may opt to register for TheFinAdvisor using your Facebook, Google, or Apple accounts. In such cases, we will request access to basic information from your respective account, which includes your userID, full name, email address, and profile picture. You retain the right to revoke our access to this information at any time by altering the relevant settings in your Facebook, Google, or Apple account, which will subsequently disable your ability to use these accounts for logging into TheFinAdvisor. It is important to note that using your Facebook, Google, or Apple accounts to register with TheFinAdvisor may necessitate you to disclose personal data to these platforms, which may include details regarding your activities on TheFinAdvisor. We advise you to review the privacy policies of Facebook, Google, and Apple, respectively, to understand their data handling practices.

Furthermore, TheFinAdvisor allows you the option to enhance your public profile with additional information, such as geographical location, links to social media profiles, and a personal bio. This additional information, alongside the data initially collected, is stored and managed by TheFinAdvisor in accordance with our data collection and privacy practices.

Community members

A Community Member on TheFinAdvisor is defined as an individual who engages in subscriptions and/or makes purchases, potentially receiving special benefits from favored creators. As part of your membership, you are required to submit your payment details directly to our affiliated payment processors. The privacy policies of these payment partners, can be accessed on their respective websites.

TheFinAdvisor retains only the expiration date and postal code associated with your payment card. Full payment card numbers are not stored by TheFinAdvisor. Instead, we employ a service provider to generate a token that represents your card’s primary account number, which is then securely stored by TheFinAdvisor. In instances where you utilize a payment service that necessitates the disclosure of personal information, such as your name and email address (e.g., PayPal), such information may be shared with TheFinAdvisor by the payment partner.

Furthermore, we process data regarding the creators you support, your subscriptions, purchases, and the benefits you accrue. Community Members opting for memberships or offerings that entail physical benefits may be prompted to provide, at their discretion, shipping details including their phone number. Additionally, we may ascertain your geographical location based on the country you disclose, your IP address, or details from your payment method.


A “Creator” refers to an individual or entity who establishes a Community on TheFinAdvisor with the intent to engage with Community Members who support the Creator’s work through memberships or other offerings. To assume the role of a Creator, you are required to develop a page detailing your creative projects and any associated benefits you intend to offer to your supporters.

In order to receive financial disbursements, Creators must register with one of our designated payment partners. Opting for a payment method that necessitates the submission of personal data, such as your name and email address (for instance, PayPal), permits the chosen payment service to share this information with TheFinAdvisor. Additionally, you may be obliged to disclose your banking details to facilitate the processing of payments.

For tax compliance purposes, Creators are mandated to provide supplementary information. The specifics of the required data may vary based on your geographical location and the nature of your creative content. The information you may be required to submit to TheFinAdvisor includes, but is not limited to:

  • email address;
  • phone number;
  • username;
  • password;
  • first and last name/surname;
  • business name;
  • address;
  • social security number and/or employer identification number;
  • country of citizenship;
  • tax identification number, company registration number, and/or VAT number;
  • date of birth;
  • place of birth;
  • your nonprofit registration number, if you are a nonprofit business;
  • bank account information;
  • self identification as an Adult/18+ creator; and/or
  • copies of your ID card and proof of residency.

Creators must ensure that all provided information is accurate and up-to-date to meet tax requirements and facilitate payment processing.

Additional Information We Collect

Automatically Collected Information

TheFinAdvisor systematically records information pertaining to your engagement with our platform, inclusive of instances where you have not established an account. Specifically, this pertains to activities such as visiting, engaging with TheFinAdvisor embeds on external websites or mobile applications, utilizing TheFinAdvisor’s mobile applications, logging into TheFinAdvisor’s services, or interacting with emails from TheFinAdvisor. During such interactions, we may automatically collect data concerning you, which may include:

  • Your IP address;
  • Your estimated location, typically inferred from your IP address;
  • The type of browser and/or device utilized;
  • Your operating system;
  • Language preferences;
  • The source webpage, including any parameters it contains;
  • Your mobile network provider;
  • Detailed device information, including device and application identifiers;
  • Search terms used, irrespective of whether they are submitted as formal queries;
  • The links upon which you click;
  • The webpages or creator content you view or request;
  • The length of your session, time spent on pages, and the duration of media experiences, encompassing viewing time; and
  • Cookie data, as elaborated in our Cookie Policy.

Messages and Comments on TheFinAdvisor

Upon the transmission or receipt of messages, or when you make posts or are referenced in comments or messages on TheFinAdvisor, we undertake the collection of the content of such communications along with associated data. This encompasses, but is not limited to, the contents of the messages and comments, the time and date they were issued, and information concerning engagement with these communications, such as the identities of the viewers and the timestamps related to these interactions.

User Research Studies & Surveys

We engage in research concerning current, former, and potential creators and community members to enhance our understanding and services. Periodically, we may invite you to partake in such research studies. Should you elect to participate, we may observe your interaction with TheFinAdvisor platform and record video, audio, and images of your usage and your interactions with TheFinAdvisor researchers.

Furthermore, as part of these research initiatives, we may request that you complete surveys addressing various aspects, including but not limited to, your utilization of TheFinAdvisor, and your perceptions of TheFinAdvisor’s services and brand identity. Your responses to these inquiries will be collected and stored for analysis and improvement purposes.

Event Information & Surveys

Periodically, we may invite you to participate in surveys pertaining to TheFinAdvisor events. As part of our ongoing efforts to better comprehend and cater to the needs of creators and community members, we may request demographic information. This may encompass details related to your gender identity, ethnicity, race, age, sexual orientation, income levels, and accessibility needs. Provision of this information is entirely at your discretion and voluntary.

The collection of such data aids us in gaining a comprehensive understanding of the diverse group of creators and community members engaging with TheFinAdvisor. It also assists in the development and marketing of events tailored to creators and community members, and in enhancing the visibility and discoverability of creators, including during such events. Upon completion of these surveys, your responses, including any demographic details you opt to provide, will be recorded and retained.

Additionally, during both in-person and online events, we may collect information directly from you. This information may comprise your name, email address, mobile phone number, a description of the content you create, and any responses you provide to surveys or feedback forms.

Blogs & Creator Education Sites

We reserve the right to collect and retain your email address, comments, and profile information as submitted or generated on our blog and creator education platforms.

Information from Third-Party Accounts

Upon the establishment of your TheFinAdvisor account, you may possess the option to link various social media accounts (such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch) to TheFinAdvisor. In doing so, we may collect and retain certain information associated with these linked accounts, which may include, but is not limited to:

  • Profile information such as user ID, username, page name, and profile picture;
  • Follower and subscriber numbers;
  • Your relationship graph, which comprises information about the accounts you follow and those that follow you;
  • Counts of your posts and uploads;
  • Statistics related to views, likes, and comments on your content.

Furthermore, you may authorize TheFinAdvisor to access these third-party accounts to enhance certain functionalities within TheFinAdvisor. When establishing such a connection, the respective third-party service may provide a disclosure detailing the specific information that will be accessible to TheFinAdvisor and the permissions you are granting, including the authority for TheFinAdvisor to act on your behalf.

You retain the right to withdraw TheFinAdvisor’s access to any linked third-party accounts at any moment through the relevant third-party’s platform settings page.


TheFinAdvisor may conduct various promotional activities through accounts managed by TheFinAdvisor on third-party platforms, including but not limited to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Any personal data collected by TheFinAdvisor in connection with these promotional activities will be processed and utilized in strict adherence to the terms outlined in our Privacy Policy.

Information Collected by Third Parties


Third-party entities may employ cookies within our website infrastructure. A cookie constitutes a small text document retained by a website on your computing or mobile device upon your visitation of said site. For comprehensive details regarding the application of cookies on TheFinAdvisor, kindly refer to our Cookie Policy. You possess the ability to view and modify your cookie preferences specific to your current browser for at the designated adjustments section.

Social Media Features and Widgets

TheFinAdvisor incorporates social media functionalities and related products, including but not limited to the Facebook “Like” button, and various widgets such as the “Share” button. These widgets may be interactive mini-programs operating within TheFinAdvisor platform. It is pertinent to note that these features have the capacity to capture your IP address among other personal data, particularly regarding your activity on our site, and may initiate or access cookies on your device.

The aforesaid social media features and widgets may be hosted directly by TheFinAdvisor or by third-party services. Your interaction with these features implicates the collection and use of your information, governed by the privacy policies of the respective third-party providers.

For a detailed understanding of the technologies employed by these third-party entities, the nature of information collected, and its subsequent utilization, we advise referring to the privacy policies of these services. Provided below are links to the privacy policies of commonly utilized services for your convenience:

  • Facebook:
  • Instagram:
  • TikTok:
  • Twitch:
  • Twitter:
  • YouTube:

How We Use Information

The information collected by TheFinAdvisor is utilized for the following purposes, as applicable:

  • To ensure adherence to industry standards, self-regulatory guidelines, applicable United States federal and state laws, and international legal requirements, including but not limited to, those concerning tax reporting.
  • To verify your identity in accordance with industry standards, self-regulatory guidelines, and legal requirements at various jurisdictional levels.
  • To facilitate access to your account on TheFinAdvisor.
  • To enable subscriptions to creators, as well as the purchase of subscriptions and offerings available on TheFinAdvisor.
  • To process financial transactions including payments and disbursements.
  • To administer VAT and/or sales tax as applicable.
  • To fulfill the delivery of membership benefits and other offerings.
  • To dispatch physical merchandise to the provided shipping address.
  • To communicate with you via messages and notifications, which may include push notifications, email, and SMS/MMS, in line with your communication preferences.
  • To provide information regarding TheFinAdvisor, its products, and details pertaining to your memberships and offerings on the platform.
  • To offer customer support and respond to your inquiries.
  • To promote your TheFinAdvisor account and/or creator page, enhancing visibility and discoverability.
  • To personalize your experience on TheFinAdvisor, including the recommendation of creators.
  • To market TheFinAdvisor’s products and services to you or to demographics similar to yours, including through personalized advertising measures, subject to your marketing preferences.
  • To organize and customize in-person and online events.
  • To understand and analyze your utilization of the service for continuous improvement.
  • To drive research and development efforts aimed at enhancing TheFinAdvisor and expanding our product features.
  • To prevent fraudulent, abusive, and illegal activities on TheFinAdvisor through a combination of automated processes and manual reviews.
  • To provide reasonable accommodations upon notification of a disability.

Information Shared with Creators

By subscribing, purchasing a membership or offering on TheFinAdvisor that is provided by a creator, or by engaging with or becoming a community member associated with a creator, you consent to the disclosure of certain personal data to the creator. This data may comprise:

  • Your complete name as displayed in your TheFinAdvisor profile;
  • Your email address;
  • Additional profile information on TheFinAdvisor, including your avatar image;
  • Your physical address, city, state/province, and country, specifically if you opt for a membership or offering that includes a physical benefit and you elect to provide your shipping details;
  • Your telephone number, applicable under circumstances such as supporting a creator who communicates via text messages, choosing a membership or offering that entails a physical benefit and providing shipping details, or when opting for event notifications via SMS;
  • Details of your pledge, encompassing the amount and initiation date, excluding comprehensive payment card information;
  • Aggregated analytics concerning your TheFinAdvisor usage, including metrics such as post views, video views, and duration of video views.

Furthermore, you may be invited to participate in surveys concerning specific creators on TheFinAdvisor, particularly following subscription activities or cancellations thereof. Participation in such surveys is optional; however, by partaking, you consent to the sharing of your responses, which may include personal identifiers like your full name and email address, with the relevant creator.

Any messages transmitted via TheFinAdvisor, inclusive of those sent to creators, will be shared with the designated recipients.

TheFinAdvisor has established a Data Processing Agreement, known as the Creator Privacy Promise, which stipulates the conditions under which creators are authorized to handle the information shared with them. This agreement delineates a creator’s commitment to maintaining the privacy of their community members both during and after their engagement on TheFinAdvisor.

Creators operating pages and/or memberships on TheFinAdvisor may incorporate services from third-party providers, which could encompass hosting of content or facilitation of membership benefits, such as the dispatch of physical goods. Consequently, creators might disclose community members personal data to these third-party entities or permit community members to directly share personal data with such services for the purpose of receiving offerings or benefits, or participating in memberships or related events. TheFinAdvisor’s app directory outlines several of these third-party services, although it is not comprehensive. As creators may utilize additional services, it is advised that you review the privacy policies of these third-party services to understand their practices regarding the collection, utilization, and disclosure of personal data.

Information Shared with Communities on TheFinAdvisor

By engaging with TheFinAdvisor through actions such as subscribing, purchasing a membership or offering that a creator has made available, interacting with a creator, becoming a community member of a creator, or establishing a creator page, you become a part of a TheFinAdvisor community associated with that specific creator. This community consists of the creator and individuals who have subscribed to, purchased from, or engaged with the creator on TheFinAdvisor, including free subscribers. As part of this community, you consent to share personal data, which may encompass:

  • Your full name as it appears in your TheFinAdvisor profile within this community;
  • Your profile avatar image;
  • Your biographical description as listed in your community profile;
  • Links to your connected social media accounts within the community profile;
  • Details of your subscription, membership tier, or other recurring payments made to the associated creator;
  • Details of offerings you have purchased on TheFinAdvisor pertinent to this creator;
  • Duration of your support for the creator, including the commencement dates of offerings, subscriptions, or membership tiers;
  • Shared community memberships between you and other profile viewers on TheFinAdvisor;
  • Shared chat room participations within TheFinAdvisor with the profile viewer;
  • Your status within the community, encompassing any awards, badges, and roles such as moderator status.

This information may be displayed within your community profile, which could contain more details than your public profile and is visible to other community members. For additional information regarding the sharing of personal data within community profiles on TheFinAdvisor and your control over such data, please consult our Help Center. Disabling your community profile in your settings will result in your public profile being displayed to community members instead.

Your actions within the community, such as commenting, liking, reacting, joining chat rooms, sending chat messages, expressing interest in events, and participating in community activities are observable by relevant sections of TheFinAdvisor communities. The act of composing a message in community spaces may be visible to others within that space. All interactions within community areas, including comments, messages, likes, and reactions, are accessible to members of the pertinent TheFinAdvisor community, and future members may review the history of these interactions.

Moreover, changes in the visibility of a post or community space will correspondingly affect the visibility of associated interactions such as comments, messages, likes, and reactions. For instance, should a post’s visibility be expanded within the TheFinAdvisor community, the existing engagements with that post, like comments and reactions, will also become visible to the enlarged audience within that community.

Information Shared with the Public

The information outlined below may be publicly accessible or shared with the general public, and additional details are available in our Help Center.

Aggregated and otherwise non-personal data

This includes aggregated statistics and other non-personal information, which might be disclosed through blog posts, press releases, or other mediums to disseminate information regarding the usage and operational statistics of TheFinAdvisor.

Interactions with Content

Comments, likes, and other forms of reactions are subject to the visibility settings of the corresponding post or message. As such, interactions with publicly visible posts or messages are public, whereas interactions with posts or messages of limited visibility are confined to the audience determined by the original poster. Should a non-public post or message become public, the associated interactions will likewise transition to public visibility.

For community members

  • Your public TheFinAdvisor profile, which may include your username, avatar image, and the account creation date;
  • Connected social media accounts;
  • Any public biographical description added to your account;
  • If your full public profile setting is active:
    • The creators you support and the initiation date of support;
    • Details of subscriptions, membership tiers, or other recurring payments;
    • Posts you have liked;
    • Comments you have made.

For creators

  • Your public TheFinAdvisor profile, which may include your username, avatar image, account creation date, and added location information;
  • Connected social media accounts;
  • Any public biographical description added to your account;
  • If your full public profile setting is active:
    • The creators you support and the initiation date of support;
    • Details of subscriptions, membership tiers, or other recurring payments;
    • Posts you have liked;
    • Comments you have made;
  • Contents of your creator page, including descriptions of membership tiers, post titles, set goals, shop existence, and details of any shop offerings;
  • The subscriber count of your creator page if Community visibility is enabled;
  • The earnings from your TheFinAdvisor activities if earnings visibility is enabled;
  • The audience-specific visibility of your posts, for example, public posts are available to all, while tier-specific posts are limited to subscribers of that tier;
  • Community member notifications upon your subscription to another creator page, contingent on public profile settings;
  • Visibility of your likes or reactions to comments on your posts is determined by the post‚Äôs visibility settings.

Information Shared with Third Parties

TheFinAdvisor upholds a strict policy where your information is not sold to third parties. Apart from data shared with creators, disclosed within TheFinAdvisor communities, or made available to the public, we only disseminate personal data to third parties under the following circumstances.

TheFinAdvisor Service Providers

These entities are engaged under contractual obligations to provide specific services essential to our operations, such as cloud hosting, content distribution, security, fulfillment services, email and document management, internal communications, analytics, payment processing, and fraud prevention. Your personal data may be shared with these service providers under conditions aligning with this Privacy Policy, alongside suitable confidentiality and security measures. It is mandated that these entities utilize your personal information solely for purposes designated by TheFinAdvisor, although they may utilize non-personal data independently.

Governmental and Law Enforcement Agencies:

Tax Reporting

We share necessary information with tax authorities as required by law, including details pertaining to creators’ earnings, tax identification, and transactional taxes such as VAT, GST, and other applicable sales taxes.

Legal Process and Enforcement

Information may be disclosed to safeguard TheFinAdvisor’s integrity, and to protect the rights, property, and safety of our company, employees, community members, and creators. Such disclosures are in compliance with legal processes like subpoenas or warrants. Whenever feasible, we aim to notify the concerned parties before complying with government or law enforcement requests, provided it is legally permissible and the circumstances are deemed appropriate.

Corporate Transactions

In events of a sale, merger, bankruptcy, asset sale, or reorganization, personal data may be part of the transferred assets. The commitments made in this Privacy Policy will continue to apply post-transfer to any new entity.

Teammate Permissions

Certain creators may utilize team accounts to manage their creator page effectively. The primary owner or team lead of these accounts has the capability to assign roles and permissions to team members. Should you assign teammate roles, TheFinAdvisor will adhere to your directives in granting the specified access or permissions.

Third-Party Services Integration

If you link your TheFinAdvisor account to external websites, applications, or services, you may authorize these third parties to access information from or perform actions on behalf of your TheFinAdvisor account. Following your consent, TheFinAdvisor will enact the access or permissions you have specified.

For a deeper understanding of the specific scope of data sharing and your controls over personal data, we encourage reviewing additional details in our Help Center.

Your Preferences and Control over Your Data

Account and Privacy Settings

Upon logging into your account at, you can locate your settings within the left navigation panel. For mobile app users of TheFinAdvisor, settings are accessible by selecting your avatar or profile icon. These settings allow you to review and modify your account preferences, encompassing privacy settings. Additionally, you can view and amend your cookie preferences specifically for your current browser used to access

Marketing Communications Opt-Out

You are entitled to opt out of receiving marketing communications at any point. This can be achieved directly through each marketing message where applicable, or by adjusting your preferences within your account settings. Opting out will cease the receipt of marketing emails and SMS/MMS messages, as applicable. Please anticipate up to 30 days for the processing of your opt-out request. Account holders at TheFinAdvisor will still receive service-related communications and, if opted in, text messages. Additionally, service-related deliveries to your specified address will continue as per usual.

Third-Party Advertising and Tracking Opt-Out

TheFinAdvisor collaborates with external advertising entities to promote our services. To opt out of interest-based advertising from partners aligned with the Digital Advertising Alliance‚Äôs Principles, visit Android users may remove their device‚Äôs advertising ID or opt out of interest-based ads via their device settings (instructions may vary based on Android version). 

Email Notification Preferences

Email notification settings can be customized within your account. Altering these settings can stop numerous types of notification emails, although you will still receive other essential service-related emails.

Individual Rights and Data Management

TheFinAdvisor empowers individuals with the capabilities to:

  • Access personal data retained by TheFinAdvisor;
  • Correct or amend any such personal data deemed inaccurate;
  • Restrict or object to the processing of their personal data;
  • Eradicate their personal data from TheFinAdvisor‚Äôs records; and
  • Transfer their personal data to another entity.

These actions can be undertaken on TheFinAdvisor through the following procedures:

  • Access, review, modify, and update your data by logging into your account on TheFinAdvisor and navigating to your account settings;
  • Request access to your personal data, portability, or deletion by utilizing the “Make a Privacy Request” feature available at TheFinAdvisor Privacy Center;
  • Request deletion of a previously-disabled account by contacting TheFinAdvisor directly at [email protected]; and
  • Manage your preferences as detailed previously in this document.

If you encounter difficulties in accessing your account, or if account recovery via password reset is unsuccessful, please contact [email protected] for assistance. TheFinAdvisor reserves the exclusive right to deny account access or recovery to safeguard against unauthorized account control or access to your personal data.

Verification of Requests

TheFinAdvisor accounts are typically secured with passwords. In the event of a request to exercise your privacy rights, you will be required to confirm your identity by logging into your TheFinAdvisor account or through alternative verification means.

Should TheFinAdvisor be unable to sufficiently verify your identity to our satisfaction, we reserve the right to decline the request as a measure to prevent unauthorized access to personal information.

Do Not Track Signals

Web browsers may be configured to send ‚ÄúDo Not Track‚ÄĚ signals to websites. As there is no standardized interpretation of these signals across the industry, TheFinAdvisor does not recognize or respond to ‚ÄúDo Not Track‚ÄĚ signals at this time.

Delaware Privacy Laws

TheFinAdvisor’s headquarters are located in Delaware, USA.

Compliance with EU Privacy Laws and Data Transfer Regulations

TheFinAdvisor operates on a global scale. By engaging with TheFinAdvisor, you consent to the transfer, storage, and processing of your personal data in the United States, consistent with the practices outlined in this Privacy Policy. In accordance with applicable regulations, TheFinAdvisor serves as the data controller. For individuals residing in the European Union (including EFTA States), the United Kingdom, or Switzerland, TheFinAdvisor Portugal is designated as the data controller of your personal data. For individuals residing outside these regions, TheFinAdvisor. is the data controller.

The processing of personal data by TheFinAdvisor is founded on various legal bases contingent upon the specific circumstances, including but not limited to performance of a contract, legitimate interest, legal requirements, and, where necessary, explicit consent. You retain the right to withdraw your consent at any time where consent forms the basis of processing.

Contractual Measures for Data Transfers

For transfers of personal data pertaining to individuals in the European Union (including EFTA States) and the United Kingdom to locations outside these areas, TheFinAdvisor relies on contractual protections applied to the recipients of such data.

Data Privacy Framework Compliance

TheFinAdvisor subscribes to and follows the principles outlined in the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework and the Swiss-U.S. Data Privacy Framework, as delineated by the U.S. Department of Commerce, governing the collection, utilization, dissemination, and retention of personal data transferred from the European Union (including EFTA States), the United Kingdom, and Switzerland to the United States. Nonetheless, TheFinAdvisor does not solely depend on the EU-US Data Privacy Framework, the UK Extension to the EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework, or the Swiss-US Data Privacy Framework for the lawful transference of personal data from the European Union, EFTA States, or the United Kingdom. For further details on the Data Privacy Framework program and to view our certification, please visit

TheFinAdvisor is subject to the regulatory enforcement authority of the US Federal Trade Commission with regard to the personal data received or transferred under the Data Privacy Frameworks. In specific scenarios, participants of the Data Privacy Frameworks might bear liability for the transfer of personal data from the EU, EFTA States, or the United Kingdom to third-party entities outside these regions.

Should a dispute arise concerning our compliance with the Data Privacy Frameworks, we encourage you to first address your complaint directly to us at [email protected]. If our response does not satisfy your concerns, you may escalate the issue to JAMS, an independent alternative dispute resolution provider in the US tasked with resolving complaints about our Data Privacy Framework compliance at no cost to you, accessible at Should your issue remain unresolved following JAMS mediation, you may qualify for binding arbitration under the provisions of the Data Privacy Framework.

Data Protection Officer Communication

Should you have any concerns or inquiries related to privacy, you are invited to contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) directly via email at [email protected], indicating ‚ÄúFAO DPO‚ÄĚ in the subject line.


TheFinAdvisor is committed to addressing all privacy-related inquiries and concerns with the utmost seriousness. If you believe that your privacy rights have been violated, please reach out to our DPO at [email protected]. Additionally, you reserve the right to lodge a complaint with the relevant data protection supervisory authority as per applicable regulations.

Authorized Agent Representation

Individuals are permitted to appoint an authorized agent to act on their behalf for submitting requests. To appoint an authorized agent, you are required to supply a legally valid power of attorney, along with government-issued identification for both you and your authorized agent. Please direct such requests to [email protected]. TheFinAdvisor reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse account access or data recovery to safeguard against unauthorized account control or data breaches.

Data Retention Policy

TheFinAdvisor retains your personal data for the period necessary to furnish our services effectively, or until you request its deletion. Notwithstanding account deletion, certain data may persist in our records to comply with legal obligations.

Security Measures

The security of your personal data is paramount to us. TheFinAdvisor adheres to industry-standard practices to safeguard your information. Detailed information regarding our security measures can be found on our Security Policy page.

User Age Restrictions

TheFinAdvisor’s services are not intended for children under the age of 13. Users must possess the legal capacity to consent to data processing within their jurisdiction or have consent from a parent or legal guardian if required. Furthermore, users must be at least 18 years old, or possess parental or guardian consent, to create a creator page or to procure an offering or subscription on TheFinAdvisor.

Policy Amendments

TheFinAdvisor reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy as deemed necessary. Should any material changes be made, users will be notified prior to these changes taking effect. Continued use of TheFinAdvisor following the notification of such amendments constitutes acceptance of the revised policy. For any queries, please contact [email protected].